A To-Do List for Protesters

Okay. You marched and have the social media pictures to prove it. Congratulations. What’s next?

Hopefully, you abstained from joining in acts of senseless violence. Protest and destruction are not synonymous. So many people representing so many causes and issues showed up to voice their anger, shock and discontent with the way things are.

The fear is palpable. Beneath the veneer of anger is a thick fear that groups of people are about to lose their specific rights.

More pointedly, the folks who created the narrative that Hillary Clinton would win decisively were shocked to discover that Donald Trump had won the Electoral College Game. The narrators fumed (and continue to fume) because the loss means their direct access to people of influence is limited.

The populations who trusted the narrator’s story were fed months of ads designed to scare the heck out the general population.

What do you do now? Your candidate lost. The other guy won and is frantically fulfilling his campaign promises. He’s appointing officials who don’t agree with your worldview. He’s calling the media out for it’s part in perpetrating the “Inevitability Myth” and for doing its best to spread the “Our President is The Beast” Narrative.

Impeachment would put someone in power even more determined to control reproductive rights and to deter adults with the same reproductive organs from loving one another. Wishing any other fate than impeachment to befall our president is immoral and criminal.

So, other than boarding up your home, ingesting handfuls of random prescription drugs and alcohol, what can you do to be the change you want to see in the world?

First, flex your muscle as a consumer.

Sex sells because your buying decisions tell retailers that they should keep on using scantily clad women (and men) to sell products. If you’re really sick of the way retailers build their sales and marketing campaigns around the objectifying of women then you should demand they change course.

Refuse to buy their products. Show them what their ads should look like, devoid of provocative images, sexual language.

Say no the double standards.

Why does a woman have to wear makeup or cover up her grey hair to be considered beautiful? Why does a women have to wear special bras and panties while a man can wear any undergarment he chooses?

Demand that film makers, producers, music video directors, song lyric writers and authors stop the gender injustice. Why can’t a woman’s intelligence, complexity and passion be showcased without using her body as the main attraction? And when sexuality and sensuality do enter the equation why should they diminish a women’s ability to be a leader, caregiver and positive role model?

Next, run for office.

Seriously. If President Trump taught observers anything it is that social media outguns paid media and that even people with zero political experience can win. Run for office. Even if you run on a handful of issues, run on them with the intent to win and make life better for everyone.

Volunteer. Go into your community and get involved with causes you claim to care about.

Get onto the board of directors.

Spearhead fundraisers.

Help people who need refuge by giving them a place to stay in your spare room or living room.

Adopt the children of women who can’t raise them.

Become a foster parent.

Give money to food pantries.

Teach someone to read or use a computer.

Tutor a person in a skill that you excel in.

Give up coffee or tea and use the money to support a women’s outreach center.

Start a scholarship fund. Start a free charter school.

Setup a GoFundMe account to help women with their legal or hospital fees.

The best good comes from individuals helping individuals and from individuals helping groups helping lots of individuals. You have way more options and more power than any elected person at the mercy of  a budget or special interests.

So, now that your candidate lost the game and a new administration has taken the reins, what is your next move? Will your protest be confined to a few pictures on Facebook and SnapChat? Or will you take real measures to defend and support the people and issues you say you care about?